When it comes to home security, choosing the right lock can make a huge difference. One excellent type of lock is a deadbolt. There are a few aspects that make deadbolts dependable.

Features of a Deadbolt

Deadbolts do not have any springs that operate the bolt and can only be unlocked by rotating the lock cylinder. This makes it very difficult for someone to enter without the correct key. They also lock the door to the door frame, which helps prevent forced entry. These locks are placed apart from the doorknob and may be used along with other kinds of locks. There are a few different types of deadbolt locks. The two most common are single cylinder and double cylinder deadbolts.

Single Cylinder Deadbolts

Many homeowners choose to use a single cylinder deadbolt. These locks will accept a key on one side of the lock, typically the outside, while the other side has a twist knob that allows one to easily lock and unlock the door. This is a convenient design, since a key is not required for those inside the building to open the door. This also makes them capable of being quickly unlocked during an emergency situation.

Double Cylinder Deadbolts

A double cylinder deadbolt is key-operated on both sides. This is a good choice for those that have a window installed in or near the door. A double cylinder deadbolt will prevent an intruder from breaking the window and unlocking the door.

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