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Pacific Locksmith is the reliable choice for door locks.

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The door lock is the first line of defense when it comes to home and office security. The professionals at Pacific Locksmith can provide a comprehensive array of security solutions in the form of door lock installation, upgrades, and repairs. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the experienced servicemen at Pacific Locksmith provide door locks for homes and offices all across Southern California. We are also members in good standing of the California Locksmith Association, American Locksmith Association, and the Better Business Bureau; all of our technicians are registered with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and are ready to adapt to the varying schedules of residential and commercial customers. We know door locks inside and out.

Peace of Mind at Home and Work

Home door locks come in a variety of styles, including deadbolts, handlebar mechanisms, and keyless door knobs. Deadbolts are the most common door lock used to secure exterior doors. This type of door lock shoots a rigid bolt called a throw into the frame or jamb of the door; the mechanism typically has no spring loaded parts between the door and jamb, and is accessed by a key from the outside or an interior thumb turn. This is a single cylinder lock used on most wooden and metal doors. A deadbolt that operates by key from both sides is called a double cylinder lock, and is commonly used on glass patio doors.

Handlebar door locks are located inside the mechanism of the door lock, even if the lever is not handlebar shaped. This is typically a single cylinder lock with exterior key entry and interior thumb turn. These door locks tend to have a spring action between the throw and the catch, so that the throw remains out, automatically depressing when the door is closed. This kind of door lock may be found on many interior and exterior doors, providing a measure of security and access control between rooms.

Keyless locking mechanisms are used exclusively on interior door locks for purposes of privacy. These door locks take the form of chains, surface mounted bolts, and knob locking mechanisms. They may only be engaged from the inside, and are wholly inaccessible from the outside. Door locks inside the knob have a spring action that unlocks the door when the throw is retracted; this prevents accidentally securing an area with no other access.

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