Change Locks in Orange County

When to Change Locks

Changing locks is a job to be done whenever there may be a potential for a security risk. While it may not be something a person thinks about when they purchase a home or rent an apartment, lock security is an important issue. The professionals at Pacific Locksmith can do this job for you quickly and securely, so you will have peace of mind that your new residence is secure from unauthorized entry. If you are in a new residence, there is always the possibility that someone else still has keys for your lock. Even when the realtor gives you all the keys they have, it is important to replace locks with new locks or get the existing ones re-keyed for maximum security. Most rental managers are also willing to allow key changes for lock security if you are renting.

Which Locks to Change

Any entry lock, such as garage to home entry doors, front or back doors, and porch doors are places where you may want to replace locks or change keys. A professional locksmith, such as Pacific Locksmith, can replace locks quickly and in confidence, so your worries about security breaches are minimized. Dead bolt locks, door handle locks and high security locks can all be quickly replaced with new locks or adjusted to work with new keys. The only way to secure your property is to replace locks, have new locks installed, or change the key systems. Other locks that may require changes include garage doors, shed doors, pool enclosures and safes.

Why Change Locks or Install New Locks

Peace of mind, safety, security, protection, reduced insurance premiums and other benefits are yours when you have professional lock security measures performed by Pacific Locksmith. There is no reason to risk unwanted entry by others for even a day, when it is so easy to change locks or install new locks. Protect your family and your investments with secure lock systems. If you lose keys or have had keys stolen or taken by unauthorized persons, or if you cannot get borrowed keys returned, call the locksmith for re-keying lock service or to change locks. It is the ounce of prevention that can save you a virtual pound of heartache and loss.



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