Replacing Locks Periodically is #1 in Home and Office Security

People do not usually think about who has a key to their home. Over the years, homeowners may give a key for a short time to the plumber, the electrician, the dog-walker, or their wife’s second cousin from Tulsa, who came to stay for a week. If a homeowner will replace locks periodically, it becomes less likely a person with an old key will come back to “visit” when you are not home. A person can make a hundred copies of your car keys, home keys, and any other key they choose to, probably within a half-hour or less. People will loan out their keys more frequently than they replace locks with new locks, on their front, back and garage doors. The professionals at Pacific Locskmith take pride in their expertise to recommend and install high security locks. We can even save you the trouble of having to call us out to re-key or install new locks by showing locks that re-key themselves.

New locks should be installed every couple of years or so. This is especially true in a large family where the kids all have keys to the house, or friends have used keys to access the home. If a pocketbook with keys was lost or stolen, this is imperative, and in this case, new locks should be installed the same day. The new “owners” of the pocketbook have addresses from I.D. within the lost item. Call Pacific Locksmith for this emergency service as sson as it happens! The longer you wait, the more chance there is of someone entering your home.

Landlords, also, should replace locks on rental property as soon as the property is vacant. The landlord has no idea how many people have a key, and anyone can come back and “visit” the new tenants, if the lock is not changed. During the time the property is being refurbished, if new locks have not been installed, the landlord may find that tools, materials or property have been stolen. Business owners are also vulnerable, as disgruntled ex-employees and their friends can empty an office of every piece of equipment in it, quickly. Pacific Locksmith will schedule same day or next day service, so this cannot happen.

For the elderly, new locks may not have been installed in years. Families should call a locksmith to replace locks on front, back, side and garage doors. This is especially true if caregivers or others have needed a copy of the key to come and go. If the homeowner(s) should go to a nursing home, or pass away, those who have a key have immediate access to the home. Houses can be emptied of all their valuables in less than an hour. Families can call Pacific Locksmith immediately to replace locks.

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