Lock Services

What is Lock Service?

A professional locksmith is able to provide all types of lock service to their customers. At Pacific Locksmiths, our professional locksmiths arrive prepared to deal with all lock situations at residential buildings and at business locations. There are many times and reasons why someone would require our professional lock service. Lock service includes lock installations, lock replacement, re-keying existing locks, replacing lost keys or making duplicates, repair or install of high security locks, replacement of automotive transponders, and services like assessment of security systems and needs.

Why Call a Professional?

It only makes sense to call in a professional locksmith company to work on your locks at home or at work. Professionals like those at Pacific Locksmiths are trained in all lock mechanics, new or old, installation or lockout service techniques that do not damage your property, and we have state of the art equipment. Remote crews arrive in our company vehicle, with proper uniforms and identification. All of our professional locksmith technicians are licensed, bonded, insured, and verified. We are also outstanding members of the Better Business Bureau. When you have work done on locks, or lock service, you want to know that the service personnel are reliable and trustworthy.

What Else Should I Look for When Calling a Locksmith?

Locksmiths should be available when you need them, preferably 24/7. There should be master locksmiths in the company as well as regular locksmiths, so you know everyone has the best information about lock service. When dealing with emergencies, Pacific Locksmith can handle all emergencies on the spot. Some are general contractors and work on construction projects and remodeling jobs. If the locksmith has a website, it is a good place to find answers to questions, phone numbers, copies of licenses and other important information that a new customer might want to know. A local operation, like Pacific Locksmith, is usually well known and has a local reputation you can check out. They also understand the security needs of various locations around town, and they can make the best recommendations for locks and security measures.

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