Don’t Replace, Rekey

Replacing a lock entirely is not the only option after the loss of a key. Instead of spending a formidable amount on buying and installing a new lock, a quicker, less costly approach is available. A process known as rekeying adjusts the current lock to fit new keys without the hassle and cost of having to install a new lock. Pacific Locksmith employees have extensive experience with the rekey process.

The History of Rekeying

Modern combination locks are based on one of the earliest method of rekeying. A locksmith from New Jersey named Solomon Andrews invented the first version of rekeying in 1836, when he created a lock with tumblers and keys that were constantly adjustable. In this manner, the owner could rekey his or her own lock whenever necessary. The business of rekeying became slightly more sophisticated when inventors named Andrews and Newell came up with the idea of removable tumblers in the 1850s that could be physically separated and then mixed up. These later lock versions had corresponding key parts that matched the various tumbler outputs, much like jigsaw pieces. Today, Pacific Locksmith uses more advanced techniques to adjust locks so that they fit new keys.

Old Lock, New Keys

Pacific Locksmith understands that replacing a lock is sometimes an undesirable, expensive undertaking. Each of our locksmiths are trained in rekeying locks so that all our clients have to worry about are new keys. Rekeying a lock is a perfectly acceptable alternative to replacing one, and a much less costly endeavor. The process of changing a lock is equally as safe as replacing one entirely, and saves time and money along the way.

New Keys, Great Service

Because we understand that securing our clients’ possessions is paramount, Pacific Locksmith provides fast and reliable rekey services, even on holidays. In fact, one of main reasons behind Pacific Locksmith’s creation stemmed from the fact that no other locksmith company in the area offered holiday service. Pacific Locksmith is a bonded, licensed, and insured locksmith company founded to fill a glaring service gap. We provide vehicle, residential, commercial, and industrial services. Large and small rekeying jobs are equally welcome. All of our rekey employees are courteous, reliable, and prompt. When the whereabouts of a key is in doubt, Pacific Locksmith’s rekey services are the easiest, most affordable solution.

A word of caution, the rekey process is only recommended if you are certain that the key can not be used again. If you simply misplaced your key, we strongly recommend that you replace your locks.

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